Cannabis is blooming across the nation.  Businesses are cropping up in every state to support both the medical and the recreational markets.  Products are being created every day to support both the medicinal and the playful needs of consumers.  Are you a part of that?  Are you building your business?  Well so are we!

We specialize in Creative Lifestyle Brands.  What does that mean?  Well our big brains came up with cannabis and other lifestyle brands and we went out and bought up those .coms.  Our investment is our creativity and maintaining a good relationship with our GoDaddy account.  Your investment could be some cash to buy the .com that gets consumers to your door, well at least virtually!

We are constantly developing and buying new .com domain names so that you, the business owner with a dream can just buy it up.  Don’t know what company name  you want to use or how you want to brand your cannabis and marijuana-related products… have a look at what we have in store and if the leaf fits.. smoke it!

All of the domains listed on our site are ready to be bought and transferred within 24 hours of the confirmation of funds received by  All of our sites we own and are free and clear of any hangups or need to clean out some past online garbage.

TheEthosCo is an LLC with a big dream and we hope that we can help you and your business realize yours too.

Remember, when you think of brand  you think of spirit, when you think of spirit, think Ethos!